How to touch your customers in a world of social distancing

Touch your customers in a social distance

Many, if not all, businesses are wracking their brains on what challenges will come along with this crisis. How long will the crisis last, can we still return to the old situation, what is the next normal gonna be?

Is food delivery and extra spacing enough for restaurants, or are customers already shifting to the normality of homemade meals, instead of massively re-entering restaurants?

Is travel behavior already shifting, influenced by the consciousness created over the past months, and is the craziness for travel not such a great idea anymore?

Should the real estate agent focus more on investment advice? “Not you dreamhouse but your best investment for now”?

We’re all trying to figure out what this next normal will look like, both for consumers and businesses, including myself.

My vision is that we should stop the hopes for the pre-crisis situation to return and start to design for the next human needs. How will daily life change? What will be the limitations and wishes of liberties? Are our services outdated or still aligned? What would help customers to talk proudly about our brand?

Enforce the ideation to design solutions for real problems, that go beyond short-term thinking, and you will touch the hearts of your ‘next generation’ customers very soon.

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