What’s the use of running when you are not on the right road?

Business owners and their teams are dealing with many problems and solutions due to many Covid-19 limitations.

What can be easily forgotten is to start with spotting the real problems. Not your own problems but the consumers’ problems. Do not skip this important market approach (not marketing). Markets determine why, what, and how it’s needed.

Markets determine why, what, and how it's needed.

How to pick the best ‘right’ road

  1. List real problems (needs) that your customers started to face now

  2. Prioritize them from 1 to 3

  3. Verify with loyal customers and adjust accordingly

  4. Brainstorm for solutions with at least one other person. Don´t argue them while brainstorming.

  5. Mark each solution with 1 for realistic and 2 unrealistic

  6. Hide the unrealistic solutions and with no solutions. No need to waste time there, move on.

  7. Choose 3-5 listed problems with 1 outstanding solution and decide together which one(s) to use.

  8. Write a strategy for these solution(s) including the why, what, and how.

  9. Congrats! You just found the best road to run on. It doesn’t mean that you won’t bump into cross-roads but it’s the best path to start.

What’s your approach? Please help other businesspeople in crisis with tips, agreements, disagreements, and thoughts.

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