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Spread the power of knowledge by helping people to get great ideas into the world.


We are people who believe in the value of best practice, original thinking, and simplicity.


We help modern businesses of all sizes to define and implement their growth strategies.

Unit leaders

Like-minded business professionals that dropped the corporate hassle and embraced the SME dynamics. Our team quickly understands your company culture and works with you to get the results needed. We provide sound advice and hands-on guidance to your team.

Ronald van der Bijl

Business Management & Strategy

Alejandro Ortiz

Data Science & Technology

Jasper van Dorrestein

Business Development Desk

Katsiaryna Hubchyk​

Digital Marketing & Strategy

Juan Rodriguez

Web Development & Design

Budget calculation

Some consulting fees
eat just too much
of your budget

We are an open circle organisation with independent professionals, who enjoy their freedom to work anywhere. We have reduced all overhead costs, to ensure that our prices are affordable and our customers do not pay for our internal costs.

Besides that, we’ve developed a size-fair pricing model with standard rates matching the business size. This will help our clients with realistic budgets and to benefit straight away from an accelerated growth experience.

Please contact us for more information about our pricing.

Ronald van der Bijl

Managing Director & Founder
Sr. Business & Strategy Consultant
+30 year Business Experience

Passion for Service and People
Optimist and Realist

A word from the founder

With my past working experience at top consultancy firms, I chose for CMondays to redefine how consulting is delivered with the focus on the SME specific needs.
I wanted it to be easy for the client to add or drop services like legos, and an organization with people that are not looking for a job but work as independent experts instead.

I picked out the only six most essential areas needed for growth; designed a model that allows consultants to focus purely on problems and solutions; without internal politics nor the pressure to sell more work.

And here we are. Under the CMondays’ umbrella, we work together in a team of like-minded professionals and based on a project’s needs, we work in different set-ups.

CMondays’ pure consulting model frees everyone – consultants and clients – to focus on what really matters: delivering solutions.

Wishing you successful business,

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Helping our clients build better businesses — one solution at a time.

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