Do your processes paralyze your team?

Sometimes business owners and managers show me their processes when I ask if they have them in place. And many times, I’m shocked by the complexity of what they show me.

As we add complexity, we also add confusion.

Having processes or systems in place is a good thing. There needs to be a formula that you follow so that you can measure and improve it. But having processes that are far too complex to follow will also be hard to measure and even harder to improve. Are we just wasting time?

Complex solutions can look very robust on paper. If it looks good on paper, but no one does it, what’s the value? We must have an eye toward execution. The simpler, the better.

As we add complexity, we also add confusion. When your people and customers are confused, they become overwhelmed, and they abandon ship. At the very moment you need them to engage, they freeze or take flight.

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity in a world of complexity. Sometimes, it’s better to cut down on the number of processes.

Reducing your processes to its essential and most practical elements will do far more to drive your team’s success than any sophisticated process.

I think that especially in times of difficulty, we need to cut down on complexity and go for simplicity.

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