The 7 beliefs and behaviours that growth leaders share

What are your beliefs and behaviors?

Growth is a trip that requires the entire organization to continuously adjust, optimize, and execute, but it starts at the top. Only when the CEO, C-suite, and business-unit leaders have the right mind-set can leaders hope to thrive growth throughout the business.

  1. I am all in.
    Always put growth first.
  2. I am willing to fail.
    Make plenty of bets.
  3. I know my customer as a person, not as a data point.
    Take the customer’s side.
  4. I favor action over perfection.
    Act on ‘good enough’.
  5. I fight for growth.
    Short-term actions with long-term thinking.
  6. I have a growth story I tell all the time.
    Fuel your business with purpose.
  7. I give control to others.
    Give power to the front line.

Only when managers have the right mind-set, leaders can hope to thrive growth throughout the business.

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